Monday, August 5, 2013

The Magic of PowerPoint and other Random Musings

Pushing past the frustration of trying to learn a new program (blogger). I will save my rants for the ears of my poor husband only. (:  I have happily found a way around the issue and am typing this in word, only to turn around and copy/paste it into the application. Well, that is probably more than you wanted to read on that subject, soooo….moving on!
This summer has been filled with organizing/purging/cleaning/chasing the toddler terrorist/walking/learning the best way to create graphics/building my Mary Kay business. I am glad to say that the latter two are moving in a positive direction and the prior will continue to be a work in progress, probably for the rest of my life!
I have tried multiple programs for creating my graphics- adobe illustrator, gimp, paint, PowerPoint, and various other free programs that I googled. I have finally found a system that works well for me! I start out creating the images in PowerPoint and doctor them up in Gimp. That way, I don’t have pay hundreds of dollars for another program. I have been very happy with the results! You can judge for yourself. I have been working on and off all summer, and finally got a set loaded onto teacher pay teachers.  Come check out my Animal Print Borders and Frames and let me know what you think! It is a simple collection, but I think it has a lot of versatility, is stylish and would nicely accent any piece of work!
Well, I know that was short and sweet, but it is almost 1 am. I intend to post some of the fun things I have cooked/ made/ done with the son this summer. Stay tuned, there is more coming!
P.S. My thoughts are with all of my teacher friends who are busy getting their classrooms ready for their new batch of babies. I hope you all have the best year ever!

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