Thursday, August 8, 2013

Finally Finished!!!

Ok folks, I have had a (*cough*) lot few technical difficulties this summer. Between computer issues, adjusting to life at home, trying to find a time efficient way to produce quality graphics and how to use blogger, I have FINALLY FINISHED my Welcome to the Jungle Clip Art collection!!! I am so proud of these babies! I feel like I am finally a real graphic designer! I was going to list the set for 10.00, but that number scared me, so the price is 8.00, which really is a good deal considering the time I poured into it. You can sort of see the evolution of my art in this too!

 I started with the zebra and giraffe (Phase one: wow! I can use shapes and build pictures!),
 the next was the elephant (Phase two: designer's secret, I am blushing...Wow! I can trace a photograph to create realistic images and then color them in gimp) and then, finally,
 the frog, toucan and monkey (Phase Three: Yeah, I got this, I can totally look at a picture and ad lib, and look at me using this curvy line tool! Yeah, baby!)

I am also so grateful that my sweet husband sat at Computer Direct Outlet ALL DAY yesterday trying to fix my computer. I have a toshiba, my son likes buttons, he pushes every button that his grubby little paws can find, he also likes to bang on the piano...sometimes he likes to pretend that buttons are the piano, so he banged on my computer and it...broke. But thankful, DH got it fixed, saved the day year and has earned his little self a foot rub and a couple of complimentary powerpoints. Here is the future little mozart himself:
Squirticus Maximus is 17 months and keeps me busy. Very busy. I love him to death though and can't imagine my life without him...but tonight, tonight,  I am going to try because Nana and Poppy kidnapped him for the night! So that is all for now. I hope you go check out my new work at:
And follow me kindly if you will! Happiest of Thursdays and Here's to Friday-Eve!



  1. I LOVE the clip art :)

    I am your newest follower - I found your on The 2nd Grade Surprise giveaway!

    Mindful Rambles

  2. Hey Rae! Thanks so much! I am super excited to be part of Jeannie's giveaway! She was so sweet to let me participate! I hope you come visit again soon, I am brewing up something pretty exciting! Have a fabulous weekend!